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Friday, April 27, 2007

so many 'schools'...so many 'Acting Gurus' in 'bollywood' today...so many 'ACTING' ...so many 'DRAMA'

I remember my Drama School Days [National School of Drama - 1991-1994]and a major concern of my batchmates specializing in Acting used to be about Acting Faclity in the school...Surprisingly school of such repertua and one of the best schools in theatre in ASIA had no official Acting Faculty!! With lots of hulla-balloo we use to get only Acting Workshops with visiting faculties. We the Design and Direction students use to only console them and do our best in our exercises together. Later our school did grant us a boon by asking us to pick the best teacher we all had in mind and that they will try and organise that teacher for us [may be by then the faculty had understood our plight and wanted to come out of the guilt].
We were also in third year by then,all ready as 'FUTURE' of 'Indian Theatre'.My batchmates did ask for the best as they thought and optioned for Naseeruddin Shah who came for a workshop the second time. however, he refused to join the acting faculty as his commitments in other theatre and bollywood projects had him occupied already...

Today I wonder, here in Bollywood every corner is filled with Acting Gurus and trying to be one Brand Name Etc..,
I wish if they could have given their concerns and support then and saved frustrating and disatisfied moments of ours during our training process in such formating and forming years of our professional life...
Thank god today most of my batchmates are succesful actors in Bollywood and theatre on their own preseverance and talent...
I am waiting for them to start an acting school themselves...ha ha ha !!

To find out about such schools and their pupose and economics involved in them can be a good blog post material for any bollywood-blog lover. I leave this area for research loving 'bloggers'.

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